Dear Editor,

The act of choice

In recent news, in the first week of May, a Supreme Court opinion was leaked on the terms of overturning Roe v. Wade. Roe v. Wade was a court case that took place in 1973. It was a case “in which the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Texas statute banning abortion, effectively legalizing the procedure across the United States,” according to (2019). However, Chief Justice John Roberts stated that this is the first draft by Justice Samuel Alito, and does not speak for the final decision. If it is overturned this will change the way of abortion across America once more.

Most abortions are done to make sure the person who becomes pregnant lives. No malicious or murderous intent goes into the decision of an abortion, in most cases, it becomes a life or death situation. In other cases, most of the time, involve the victims of sexual assault.

“If Roe is overturned, 22 states have laws or amendments in place that would help them attempt to ban abortion,” (The Guardian 2022). With abortion bans, this does not stop them from happening. This only makes them more dangerous. By giving women the freedom of choice to do what they want with their bodies, they would be able to receive an abortion by a trained medical professional. The Guttmacher Institute states, “It is easy for Americans to forget that illegal abortion was common before the 1973 Supreme Court decisions that legalized the procedure across the nation—and that denying women access to legal abortion does not prevent them from having abortions, but just increases the likelihood that they will resort to an illegal abortion carried out under unsafe conditions.” (2018).

No one is saying you have to get an abortion if you don’t want one, the whole argument is having the ability to be able to choose, if that is a decision you want to make for your own body. The act alone should not be up to anyone but the person who finds herself pregnant. You don’t have to like abortions, but it should be their personal choice what they do. Your emotions are not somebody else’s responsibility.

Sean Colbert

Dear Editor,

I first met Lucretia Free, the owner, publisher. and editor of this newspaper, more than fifteen years ago, and for the past five years, I’ve been the paper’s Outdoor columnist. I’ve also worked with her on committees and helped her with an acquisition to grow her publishing company. To give a little more insight about her, Lucretia Free graduated from her Xenia, Ohio, high school at 17, graduated from college three years later, and has an MBA. She’s humble, bright, and a talented entrepreneur. The reason I’m writing is to say what she likely won’t say. She is running for US Congress. She’s already personally knocked on over 8,000 doors in our community to listen to our concerns and she will represent us well. She is her own candidate, not bought by money or influenced by rhetoric. She is a candidate that has high integrity, strong work ethic, and unfailing faith. Go to to learn more and to lend your support.

Rob Samuelsen

Editor’s Note: Due to the length of the following submission, this letter will be published in two parts in consecutive issues of The Vail Voice.

Part One:

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in response to recent letters (Peggy, Feb.’22 and Kathleen April ’22).

It seems like schools (boards, administration, teachers, coaches) are being questioned by parents like never before. There’s a general rebellion going on. We’ve seen the US Congress attacked, airline employees attacked, school board members and administrators threatened, coaches beaten up and on and on.

The two letters I am responding to are mostly complaining about how schools are approaching the subject of sexual orientation. Many countries (71) criminalize same sex activity; some even impose the death penalty. These countries are generally religious (Christian/Muslim), many with poor and uneducated populations. The generally Christian US has had laws again homosexual behavior since its founding. Homosexuality was not formally decriminalized until 2013, but there are still 14 states that have anti-sodomy laws.

So homosexuality is now legal in the US but attitudes against it are still commonplace such as students being bullied at school and the use of “conversion therapy” by some parents. This completely debunked therapy is still legal in 22 states including AZ.

Sexual identity has become a hot topic among the youth since homosexuality became legal. But, there is a loud vocal minority of people that somehow feels threatened by any discussion of it. I believe the schools are just trying to bring awareness of this important topic and to trying to make ALL students more comfortable with their chosen identity. What a brave new world.

This same opposition has occurred concerning “Critical Race Theory” which basically no one really knows or agrees as to what it is professing.

We obviously succeed best when we work together. Good luck America.

Curt Hanson

Editor’s Note: Part Two, with further discussion of the above, will be published next month.

Dear Editor,

Living in Rocking K Ranch Estates for the past 32 years, we have been aware of auto and bicycle traffic problems on Old Spanish Trail (OST). Mr. Bass’s article is excellent, if we pay attention. I am now too old to ride bikes anymore. But, I would like to make the following observations from our experiences on OST.

First, we constantly see cars driving in the bike lanes, either not paying attention or going too fast around curves. Also, lots of drivers, when passing bicycle riders, often cross over into the on-coming lane while in a blind curve or a blind spot on the top of a hill. Any collision there would also probably involve the bicycle riders.

Mr. Bass recommends that cyclists look over their shoulder prior to passing or making a lane change. I can remember at least 3 fatal bike/car incidents on OST during the time we have lived here. All 3 fatalities resulted in the biker looking over his left shoulder to clear the way and in doing so unintentionally drifted into the path of an oncoming vehicle which resulted in their deaths. I myself have done that and fortunately no car was coming from that direction. I strongly recommend that cyclists install a rear view mirror on their helmets so they do not have to look back to clear a path to pass.

Lastly, cyclists should not ride tandem in the bike lane carrying on conversations. These conversations distract them from maintaining their lane and create a very dangerous situation for autos passing them, particularly on blind curves and hills. Also, bicycle accidents can happen if one bike suddenly has a problem, thus bringing both riders to the ground. Save the conversations for after the ride.

Chuck Stury

Dear Editor,

A recent Vail Voice article indicates that the question of Vail incorporation is under study again.

Here is a link to an informative booklet from The League of Arizona Cities and Towns. This publication provides general background information concerning incorporation.

I have also provided this link to the study group.

Chuck Decker

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