Dear Editor,

Your latest issue of the Vail Voice had suggestions for conserving water: after all we do live in the desert. Those of us that have been here for many years do not have to be reminded that water conservation is just part of life here.

We’ve always been concerned about how much water is “down there.” Now we are seeing what seems to be endless home building, everywhere we look. The Rocking K thing is planned for 3600+ homes. Land is being cleared on Camino Loma Alta, right next to our fire department. How many wall-to-wall homes are going to be built there?
We came by there today: there were sprinklers going, for whatever reason. Maybe they were planting potatoes? The wind was blowing the spray. Only a portion of it could have been reaching the ground. Where was that water coming from? Part of our endless supply, “down there?”

Whoever or whatever agency is permitting this endless home building and development has to be making these decisions based on the available water, down this road we are on. Yet people are having to be told by the local newspaper to conserve water, as it is in limited supply.

What will it be like, when the day comes, that there is not enough water to support the population of Vail and its surrounding areas? Who will be held responsible for allowing all of this to happen? Proper prior planning, looking down this road we are on — is it really being looked at? If it is, then we have nothing to be concerned about, do we?

John & Shauna Rusth

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the June 2022 editorial, “The Act of Choice”.
A quick internet search will refute several of the claims made in the letter. A hard case abortion includes an abortion to save the life or physical health of the mother, an abortion due to rape or incest, or an abortion due to fetal birth defects. The Guttmacher Institute reports that less than seven percent of abortions are hard case abortions ( Other organizations report that number being less than four percent

The vast majority of abortions are not hard case abortions, as claimed in the letter. Most abortions are performed for social or economic reasons ( The poor are often unaware of resources available to them, both from our government ( and charities ( Others are poor in spirit, fearful, and lack hope and help from their community. They simply do not feel equipped to raise a child.

The topic of abortion is too important to be pulling facts out of thin air. Please do a little research.

Darsey Didier

Dear Editor,

The question has been asked, “Does Vail need to incorporate?” What will be necessary in such an event?
Establishment of a form of government, such as mayor and council or city manager.
Establishment of city offices.
The need for city services such as streets, sanitation, law enforcement, fire, parks and recreation, etc.
The election and hiring of the personnel to staff these many functions.
The facilities to house these services, and the vehicles and equipment needed for them to perform their various functions.
The vast improvement of the infrastructure, which is presently insufficient to accommodate the rapid growth currently occurring in Vail.

All of this, and much more, will require significant funds, which can only be gained by additional taxation. There is insufficient business in Vail to generate much revenue through a sales tax. This leaves the probability of a local income tax. It would have to be substantial. We pay enough already. I say no to incorporation.

Vail is too small at this time to incorporate. The efforts of the committee would be better spent securing the county’s commitment of resources into the needed improvements to the present infrastructure. Let’s maintain our unincorporated status.

If the only choices are to be incorporation or annexation, the city of Tucson already has all of the services in place. Annexation is the lesser of two evils.

Richard C Hartigan

Dear Editor, (Part one)

I don’t know about you, but I have been deeply concerned about all the recent news about Hudbay and their sudden intrusion on the west side of the Santa Rita’s. I have spent a lot of time researching this since I found a letter stuck on my gate from Hudbay advising me of their plans to do some test drilling next to my property back in April. I did a parcel search on Pima County’s website under ROSEMONT and found they own 31 parcels of various sizes all around the mountains, big and small totaling over 1000 acres. They say they have 4500, so I missed a few. They own all the private land on the west side of Sycamore Canyon from the mountains to a 40 acre parcel of state land (they are currently attempting to buy that). On the north end of that state land is where Sycamore Canyon subdivision is currently building. If they get the state land, that should connect them to acreage they own on Alvernon which will get them to Sahuarita Rd and the interstate. That gets them around the subdivision.

I moved out here to the Vail/Corona de Tucson area 23 years ago because I was drawn to the beauty and peacefulness of it. We have enjoyed the wildlife that the open desert areas provide habitat for. I gotta believe a lot of people reading this came here for the same reasons.

Assuming you have read a few of the many articles about this, I want to point out a few things about the current situation. I am referencing from Hudbay’s June press release as well as several articles by Tony Davis in the Daily Star.

Construction of Phase 1 is supposed to last three years, meaning mining could start in 2027. Phase 1 will operate exclusively on the west slope for the first two years.

Hudbay believes it doesn’t need a Clean Water Act permit to discharge dredge and fill material in washes on the west slope. Because the washes that they are currently dumping in and grading over only flow after it rains, they are not considered “waters of the United States” which would be protected by the Clean Water Act. Several conservation groups and three tribes have filed notices of intent to sue to stop the company’s ongoing grading.

Cathy McGrath

Dear Editor,

Luke 20:20-26

Is it lawful to pay taxes?

They watched Jesus (evil men). Spies who pretended to be righteous. To seize Him on His words. Deliver Him to Governor. Flatter and exalt Him first. What they said was, in fact, true. Doesn’t show favorite & teaches righteousness & truth. Lawful to pay taxes to Caesar – or not? We’re overtaxed people. Many Roman expensive habits. Herod was popular with Augustus because he earned a lot of taxes. Read “Roman Empire During Time of Jesus.” Reinforced Roman control. Taxed greatly – leaving majority impoverished. Jesus perceived their craftiness. Imprint on coin (Denarius) was of Augustus or Tiberius. Whose image on it? No idolatry at that time. Judah carried money box (was a thief). They said Caesar’s. Render therefore to Caesar that which is his. We have a responsibility to them. Citizens of 2 worlds- earthly and heavenly.

Rom. 13:1-4 – Let every soul be subject to governing authorities. Nero was brutal to Christians. As long as it doesn’t violate our conscience to God. No authority except from God – everyone approved by God. Puts people in power to correct. Otherwise will be judged by God. Render to all they are due.

1 Tim. 1-4 – prayers for all men and for all authority. That we may live a quiet and peaceful life – for this is good and acceptable to God – be about the business of the Gospel – first call.

Titus 3:1 & 2 – Speak evil of no one. Showing humility to all.

Acts 4:18 – told not to speak in the name of Jesus. Then we stand against those in authority. To God, the things that are God’s.

We are made in God’s image. We are breathing the air God created. We have a responsibility to God. Life is a gift from God. Render the things that are God’s to Him.

They marveled at His answer and kept silent!

Author Unknown

Letter to the Editor, re: Abortion

Abortion is murder of an innocent child. One does not have a right to murder except in response to the risk of the woman’s life. Furthermore, it is a horrible murder – shredding of the child or worse. We need to stop this carnage!

Joan Jazwinski

Letter to the Editor (Part two)
Editor’s Note: Due to the length of this submission, this letter has been published in two parts, in consecutive issues of The Vail Voice.

Part Two:
I am writing this letter in response to recent letters (Peggy, Feb.’22 and Kathleen April ’22). It seems like schools (boards, administration, teachers, coaches) are being questioned by parents like never before.

Opposition has occurred concerning “Critical Race Theory” which basically no one really knows or agrees as to what it is professing. Approximately 150 years ago people of color (blacks) were slaves. A war was fought to free them. But, they weren’t freed. They basically remained slaves until the civil right movement exposed their treatment.

Even though discrimination and racism is not accepted legally, discrimination and ill treatment of people of color has continued. For example, people of color are more likely to be denied loans or jobs. They tend to pay more for a wide range of products. They are more likely to be suspected of criminal behavior. They are more likely to be victims of police brutality. They are generally imprisoned more often and for longer periods than whites for the same offenses. They have more difficulty finding a home. Their neighborhoods receive inferior public services, notably education. They receive inferior medical care, consequently shorter lives.

Micro-aggressions: They are verbal or behavioral slights, generally subtle and often unintentional that communicate a negative attitude toward a person of color. Micro-aggressions are often directed at members of other marginalized groups, such as women, LGBTQ, and, recently, Asians.

After 2010, there were several instances of police brutality against members of color. This inspired the creation of a protest movement called Black Lives Matter. In response, ex-President Donald Trump characterized BLM protesters as thugs and falsely accused them of violent attacks. This continued in an effort to attack CRT which they characterized as a false anti-American group of radical leftist and anti-white racists. They accused teachers of attempting to indoctrinate America’s children. This attack on CRT even went to the extent of banning many books from public schools.

America has a major racial problem, a problem of acceptance of people in the LGBTQ community, immigrants and all people of color. To solve this, the problem must be discussed, especially in the youth, and not hidden away. Who are the people that don’t like this discussion? I know who they are.

As I grew up, I was not taught about the lynching of blacks, the killing of black children at a church, the Tulsa massacre in 1921, the treatment of indigenous Americans and all the other horrible things that our species has inflicted, often with the perceived justification of the Church or Constitution.

We obviously succeed best when we work together. Good luck America.

Curt Hanson

Letter to the Editor: Aid in Dying

Dear Editor,

Arizona needs “aid in dying” laws in place.

Over the last six years, I’ve lost my Dad, two aunts and four dear friends.

At my age you may say that’s common, and an average number of losses. Maybe you’re right. The problem is that they all suffered. They endured weeks, or months, of waiting and wishing for an end to their misery. Even with hospice and “comfort meds,” I watched their suffering.
All of them were completely reliant on others for 100% of their care at the end. Hospice in AZ does not change diapers, do laundry, get food, or let you sleep. Hospice shows up a couple of times per week for half an hour. There is no mercy.

Arizona does not have a medical “aid in dying” law. We can’t choose to die with dignity as eleven other states can. This needs to change.

Lauri Ziemba

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