To the editor:

I would like to express my thanks to The Vail Voice for providing the opportunity for our community to express its concerns in respect to the planned Rosemont mine. A majority of area residents have come to understand that this provocative project will have little to give back to our community of any real value as it moves forward. Consequently, we refuse to surrender the quality of life we enjoy here for the promise of the alleged benefits that will come from such a commercial venture. One need not look far to witness the negative results from past ventures that made similar promises.

Thanks, also, to Teri Francino of Corona for calling Supervisor Christy out for his reckless suggestion that we who call this region our home simply “move on” (give up) on our legitimate challenge to maintain the way of life we enjoy here. It raises the question: does Mr. Christy, in fact, live here? Time has frequently shown that when a person of political persuasion suggests we simply give up and move on it is based on an unwillingness to appreciate the voices of his constituents. It represents a lack of moral fortitude to step forward with the community in grappling with a real issue at hand.

I can remember a time not so far removed, prior to Mr. Christy’s election, when area roads were saturated with little red posters reminding us of all that Mr. Christy knows. For example: “Steve Christy knows jobs, Steve Christy knows roads,” etc. I would like to suggest a possible future sign should Mr. Christy consider making his bid again: “Steve Christy knows his constituents.” Such a sign, however, has yet to be earned, and his suggestion that we who do live here simply give up on our values and embrace this abhorrent intrusion is the wrong road taken. And, as Steve Christy assures us, he does know roads.

Royce Davenport, Rancho Milagrito, Vail

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