To the editor:

I have an observation. Every November, Vail residents are asked to vote for another bond measure to raise taxes to benefit the Vail School District. Every message conveyed, on roadside election signs, and “shoe polish” message on vehicles is, “the money goes to the kids and classrooms.”

I just attended Andrada Poly tech’s back to school night, every teacher had yellow sticky “Post It’ notes” stuck to the doors of the classrooms, asking parents to purchase much needed supplies, Kleenex, glue, crayons and on and on. This is done at every Vail school my kids have attended over the years.

Where’s the money already voted in, in all the previous elections? We’re told every year that this bond will benefit the kids in the classroom, but I have yet to see a nickel reach the classroom.

Frankly, I’m tired of forking out more and more money each year, when it never sees the light of a classroom. I am against the recent proposal of roughly $6.00 a month and $75.00 a year. Someone has an arithmetic problem in the Vail School District, I’m done with handing over money to them. “Vote no,” I am, and will tell everyone I can, to vote no also.

Jim Sullivan, Vail.

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