To the editor,

The other day I took a friend to the dentist. After dropping him off I decided to get some breakfast at Jerry Bobs. After placing my order, I overheard the waiter while preparing a bill, asking the customer at the next table if he was a veteran. As I saw him shake his head no, I thought about how I was going to answer this question. Normally I would say no, but if my wife hears the question she pips up and says “yes, he served in Vietnam.” But after being raped by our government, chastised and discriminated by the American people then being ignored by the VA, I am just not ready to say “yes.”

It took years of hard work, love of a good woman, money and sacrifice to rebuild my life and raise a great family. Part of that recovery involved locking up this forgetful achievement in my life. When the waiter came to hand me my bill, he said that the gentleman at the next table paid for my breakfast. That act floored me and got me thinking. So, thank you kind motorcycle gentleman, for reminding me that we, today’s American people, are truly the “Great Generation.”

Jerry Scrivano

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