To the editor:

Since it is nearing Halloween, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at the rising up of spirits.  But Republicans, really, David Gowan for Arizona State Senate from Legislative District 14?     A man who, according to an Arizona Star report, was investigated by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office after he wrongly collected more than $12,000 in personal travel reimbursements while traveling in a state car to multiple campaign events.

And it has been said that during his time as Arizona House of Representatives speaker, Gowan spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on cosmetic renovations to the chamber, forcing half of his caucus to sign a letter stating they didn’t trust him with the House’s funds.

Do you folks really want someone so willing to spend taxpayer’s money irresponsibly?   Do you want someone who calls himself “principled” yet thinks nothing of filing personal travel expenses while using a state car for personal uses?   How about we all start making integrity the characteristic by which we judge our representatives.

Jean Vickers, Corona de Tucson

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