To the editor:

Congratulations to The Vail Voice for finally publishing an opposition piece (although by publishing it as a letter to the editor, managing to avoid any editorial courage) against the so-called “bike ranch.”

I went to the last hearing, which Mr. Christy attended. His “pro” opinion, having been printed earlier by The Vail Voice, made me feel like an idiot for even attending.  Why have a hearing if your mind is already made up, just to make it look like you might actually be listening to the public?  It has been clear for a while that the anti “bike ranch” opinion was more intense than the pro.  Nobody around this area wants this “bike ranch,” and everyone knew it.  Did $$$ play into this? Does The Vail Voice and Mr. Christy buy the “any development is good development” approach?

Remember LA?  It was once a beautiful valley, surrounded by mountains.  A lot like Tucson.  Now LA is a tangle of freeways, smog, traffic hell, fast food mania, slums and endless commutes, a world-famous emblem of and comment on “development.”

So, go ahead guys – develop the hell out of everything.  Stretch the law while you’re at it. Let’s have housing and “business” suck the water supply, ruin views, air, wildlife, peace and quiet and a decent drive home at the end of the day.  We’re just the helpless folks who live here.

Abigail Hagler

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