To the editor:

After reading Shirley Scott’s article in the October Vail Voice, there was some incorrect information given.  The correct address for this cultivation facility is:  8000 S. Rita Road.  This information came from the City of Tucson’s Planning and Development Services Department.  It will be located only .2 miles from residences and will be across the street from a dance studio.  I have serious concerns about this facility.  The odor mitigation controls are not 100% effective.  The smell of blooming plants has been compared to a skunk’s spray.  Also, safety is a concern. The facility must be enclosed and locked and requires a 24 hour armed security guard on site.  If there is a problem, we do not even have a sheriff’s or police substation in our area.  We have to call 911 and hope that we don’t have to wait on hold for very long.  Marijuana plants require 6-8 gallons of water per plant per day.  (This information comes from California Fish and Game.)  We are always being told to conserve water and this new facility will require a large amount.  In addition, pesticides are used in the growing process as well as other chemicals to keep the facility clean and mold free.  These are all concerns that I have about this new facility.  I have notified the city council and mayor about these problems.   I was told that the business is an I-2 business and the site is an I-2 site so it’s allowed.  According to the city’s unified development code sec 4.7.30 I-2 is a heavy industrial zone.  The code says:  this zone provides for industrial uses that are generally nuisances, making them incompatible with most other land use.  These nuisances may be in the form of air pollutants; excessive noise, traffic, glare, or vibration; noxious odors; the use of hazardous materials; or unsightly appearance.  Select other agriculture, civic, commercial, industrial, retail, storage, utility, and wholesaling uses may also be permitted.  My question is this:  why would zoning allow this I-2 designation when it’s right down the street from residential areas?

Cheryl Virden

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