In response to “Steve Christy Means Business,” July 2016, I think there must be a better alternative than someone who thinks only one “lens” is how to view issues that affect us.  His vision seems to be, according to what “he” wrote, handicapped with a significant and specific blinder.

Often, if not always, issues should be looked at from a variety of angles and not only from a dollar and jobs perspective.  For instance, what impact would an industry/company have on our natural resources?  Beyond jobs, what will they bring to our community?

He didn’t even say how he would attract more businesses.  Of course, this is common among politicians.  Don’t let him fool you.  If he is running for office, he is a politician.  And if he was a political appointee to the Arizona State Transportation Board, he was, he is a politician.  And he has, almost assuredly, been involved in our politics for a long time.  Most influential business people are much more involved in legislation than you and me.  More often than not, it does not benefit us, just the businesses.

Does he plan to attract them with tax incentives?  One only need look at Kansas to see how that worked for them.  Keep in mind, corporate charity is self-serving.  It is in no way an altruistic effort on their part and helps reduce their tax “burden”.  The best way for a company/corporation to give back to a community is in tax dollars.  That is what pays for critical services we depend on; emergency, education, infrastructure, etc.  It’s simple.  As my nonny used to say, “If you want to dance, you gotta pay the fiddler.”

There are ethical companies that are environmentally conscious and offer good paying jobs with benefits.  According to what I read, he would not even consider that.  At least, he made no mention of it.

Here is an excerpt from the Pima County website summarizing the responsibility of the Board of Supervisors.  “The five-member board provides direction to the County Administrator and the county’s various departments as they work to ensure safe communities, nurture economic development, sustainably manage natural resources and protect public health, in addition to overseeing the delivery of a host of municipal services, from roads to parks and libraries and law enforcement, board members also are responsible for approving the county budget.”

Ensure safe communities, sustainably manage natural resources and protect public health.  Hmmm, I can’t see how that might not be seen through his lens.

In his promotional article he wrote, “Through a combination of efforts utilizing my unique experiences on the State Transportation Board, and other relationships, I will work to bring together Federal, State and local resources to reverse this trend.”  Amazingly beautiful rhetoric.  Spoken like a true politician.

D. Meyer

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