From J. Rodriquez

It’s been interesting to watch the extremes to which we all have gone to in dealing with the COVID—19 pandemic. It is estimated that approximately $2.1 trillion dollars have been lost. Meanwhile, just over 100,000 people will pass away that have COVID symptoms. That is a “cost” of $21 million per death! 

Imagine if we treated much more widespread problems and epidemics the same way in the US. Let me put this in perspective. According to the CDC last year Americans died from the following:

655,000 from heart disease 
599,000 from cancer
159,000 from respiratory illnesses
157,000 from accidents including overdoses
147,000 from cerebrovascular diseases 
122,000 from Alzheimer’s disease

We didn’t shut the country down and put millions of Americans out of work for these deaths. Why are we doing it for COVID? Let’s get a better perspective soon and start to “Flatten the Fear”, people. This has gone on too long.

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