Well, it didn’t take long at all for the COVID-19 pandemic to become a political, partisan issue. Blame and accusations are now flying from all sides. It will only get worse as we approach the November election later this year. 

We elect our politicians to uphold the Constitution. We elect them to benefit the greater good – to make tough decisions and improve our lives. Our leaders have made plenty of major decisions since the pandemic started. They must be held accountable for any poor decisions. They should also reap benefits of continued representation for good decisions.

How did our state, county, and city leaders do? Did they overstep and unnecessarily infringe upon our rights? Or were they acting in the best interests of everyone for the greater good? 

We have already seen the story of a governor that outlawed operating a motorboat on a lake, but yet canoeing was ok. We read the many stories of churches being outlawed yet liquor stores and gun stores were allowed to remain open. And finally, even in our own state of Arizona, the Grand Canyon was closed due to the pandemic. Think about that for a moment. The Grand Canyon. Closed. 

Hold leaders accountable for their decisions. Get rid of the ones that performed poorly. Re-elect the ones that performed exceptional. They work for us.

J. Rodriguez

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