To the editor: 

Thank you David James for your recent article in support of art in all its forms within our schools. As a working artist in the Vail district I have had the privilege of speaking to middle school students over the past years as a presenter on career days. In short, I share that they are at a fortunate time in their lives. It is a time to explore so many options in respect to what most fires their imagination and might inspire curiosity for further examination. At this point, possibly more than any other times ahead, things for them are open at the top. 

Inclusive in this exploration I encourage their possible interest in the arts. I pass along to them that the arts in all its various incarnations, be it visual, theater, music, or dance, is one of the greatest possibilities for self-discovery. These activities are at the core of getting to know themselves via a most personal journey of the heart. There are a broad number of career professionals present on career day with just as many possibilities to offer. 

That said, my personal feelings are that inclusion of the “Creative Arts” is a journey of true self-discovery. That path explored to whatever degree will put them better in touch with just who it is deep inside that is living this life as a butcher, baker, or candlestick maker. This area of self-discovery may provide them with a solid platform of sensitivity to the world about them and present honest tools for their personal navigation of it. Again, “Tip of the Hat” to Mr. James. 

Royce Davenport-Artisan, Vail.

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