To the editor:

I wonder how many of my Vail neighbors moved to Vail because of the great schools. I’m pretty sure the Vail School District was a major selling point for many of us, even those of us with no children.

Obviously, as Vail grows, the schools must grow. Some Vail schools are already at capacity; others are getting close. How does the school district keep up with growth? They have to build new schools, and state funding is not enough to make this happen. With that in mind, the VUSD Governing Board has approved a $61.3M bond package. It includes funding for a new high school and a new K-8 school, along with funds for technology, health & safety and transportation.

The district’s Bond Committee has been working on this plan for over six months. But the final decision on the bond package is up to the voters; the bond election is November 6, 2018.

For many Vail residents, voting YES is a no-brainer. Others may feel that NO is the right way to go. It’s your call; I’m not trying to sway your vote. But I am suggesting you follow the link below to learn more about the bond package, the benefits, the costs, etc.

Randy Hoffman, Vail.

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