To all of you who saved my life on Friday, the 8th of September. On Friday I had my daughter with me and we were picking up my son at Andrada Polytechnic High School.

I’m a diabetic and I had tested my sugar before I left to pick my kids up from school and I was okay, I was 116.  My sugar dropped. It dropped down to 17! I become incoherent when this happens and I also start to panic. My husband, Steven, on more than one occasion has dealt with me like this and has told me how difficult I get.

So I needed some way to say thank you to my kids, my son, Brandon (15) and my daughter, Karley (12) who were so calm and started getting the necessary people and medics to the parking lot where I was treated by Tucson fire and Corona de Tucson fire. The staff at Andrada Polytechnic High School were very quick and helpful making sure I was safe and directed traffic in the parking lot. While I was being treated I was able to recognize the Assistant Principal, Rod Carrier and the Front Office Clerk, Mackenzie Chavez. I then saw my husband, Steven, and my children. I was able to relax knowing that I was in very good hands.

There are truly no words to express how grateful me and my family are for all of you that we’re there helping me. I thank you all so very much for everything you did for me and my family.

I’m alive because of you!

Kim Montenegro

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