To the Editor:

Home ownership out of reach for many; using “Sue” for an example. Sue spent four years in college getting a degree. You’d think that somewhere along the line “Sue” would have done a little research into the starting salary for a teacher. At 58% of her salary for rent, she’s spending $1,739 a month for an apartment.  Somebody saw her coming; one bedroom apartments can be rented in east Tucson for $500-$700 a month.

A nine mile drive? This is Tucson. Nine miles is nothing. Market forces determine salary. As long as people are willing to take a job that pays $35,000 a year, that’s what the market will pay. If “Sue” quits, there will always be someone willing to take her job. And with our exploding economy, creating many jobs, hiring a college grad for $35K will get harder and harder.

Al Johnson

Corona de Tucson

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