With the holidays approaching, I know what’s on my Christmas wish list: books, books, and more books! However, with all these new young adult novels about “lost teenager finding their destiny,” it can be difficult to know which stories should be at the top of the list. Nevertheless, no need to worry, because here are my top 10 book recommendations for the end of the year!

#10 – The Heir by Kiera Cass

Set in a Hunger Games meets The Bachelorette society, one girl makes her way into the world of royalty to win the heart of a prince. It is both hilarious and heartwarming. A love story you won’t want to let go of!

#9 – Life And Death by Stephenie Meyer

I know most people see the word Twilight and run, but this is a gender swap on the classic story that got so many of us book-lovers into reading, and it will always be on the top of my recommendation list.

#8 – Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

After discovering her newfound role as Guardian, one southern belle must relearn everything she knows about a boy she thought she hated who she is now forced to protect against all odds.

#7- Tom Horn Killers of Monsters and Men by Rick D. Eskue

This historical adventure novel is a roller coaster ride of excitement and suspense! It is a debut book from a local Tucson author – definitely give the story a go!

#6 – Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs

The final book in this trilogy will leave you breathless. The story is perfectly woven with beautiful photographs that take the reader on an all-around experience and make them never want to leave this 1940’s fantasy world.

#5 – The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

If a mix of love, battle, and incredible writing is what you are seeking, then pick up this first book in a new dystopian trilogy.

#4- Filtered by Gerald Lamb

As one teenage girl dares to question her place in a controlling society, she discovers secrets about the world she lives in; secrets that live right under her feet. This is another first novel by a local Arizona author I highly recommend!

#3- Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Built around a world of Grisha, super-humans with special abilities, this story is about a group of rebels planning one extreme heist.

#2- Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

An inspiring and relatable book about a young adult’s struggle with mental illness. Despite the heavy material, the writer does a brilliant job of holding a lighthearted tone that will make you laugh hysterically at moments and cry with happiness at others.

#1- Winter by Marissa Meyer

The final book in a retelling of classic fairy tales is equally heart-warming and breaking. This is the kind of read-in-one-sitting story.


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