Beauty Tip
Try not to over-file your nails: It can make them more likely to tear. Always file nails in one direction, as opposed to using a sawing motion. Rounded, or softly squared shaping is best for preventing breaks. Rule of thumb, no pun intended, is to always rub hand lotion onto bare nails while applying to your hands. This keeps the nail moist.

Health Tip
Here’s an update on sunscreen: Sunscreen effectiveness begins to decline as soon as it is applied. This happens the minute you put it on, whether or not you are in the sun. For best results, reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours. If in the pool, use a water resistant formula, time-based on label directions. Enjoy the summer sun!

Judee is a Vail resident and in 2019 wrote a book called “Just Because.” Her hobbies are interior design, country music and wine tasting.

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