by Ellen Hartman

Irish Beef, the Tucson-area Arby’s franchise, has named Jami Salyers a partner of the corporation.  In her role as director of operations, Salyers will continue to oversee daily operations of the restaurants and upcoming remodels and new builds, working closely with the other partners on site selection and construction as they open three new restaurants in the next three years.

Over the past 2 years, Salyers has developed a new certified management training program for employees, implemented a new incentive plan for restaurant managers, and managed the capital investment plan to reimagine and update three restaurants and the opening of a new location in the greater Tucson area.  Her efforts have led to 18 months of comparable sales growth in the market.

“Jami has been a valuable member of the Arby’s system for more than 20 years,” said Dick Holbrook, Managing Partner for Irish Beef.  “She started as an entry-level employee and through hard work, dedication, perseverance and a willingness to learn and grow, Jamie has become a business and community leader everyone at Irish Beef is proud to call our partner.” “There is so much to be learned from Jamie’s story,” added Holbrook. “We know she will continue to inspire young people to strive for the highest levels of excellence and help them discover their own ambition to succeed.”







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