by Mika Deslongchamps Massey

Tradition is ever more important as we enter the holiday season of 2020. With cancelled parties, zoom family gatherings and the need for holiday spirit stronger than ever, it’s heartening to see our community striving to keep the cheer. Integra Dance Arts, a local Vail business is doing just that as it continues the tradition of the classical ballet The Nutcracker.

Open for just over a year, IDA has demonstrated a strength and passion to survive successfully even during the pandemic. Things may have to look differently as the production has been slightly recreated for filming format, but the students have been able to rehearse in person, will get the opportunity to perform on stage in costume and the families will have access to watch the final product. IDA has demonstrated a strong dedication to the Vail community as directors Mika Massey and Julie Nichols have worked tirelessly to continue to bring dance training to students of all ages, as a constant during such an unpredictable time.

As one of the parents stated, “Keeping my daughters in training focused on a performance goal has kept them from becoming depressed during the pandemic. Their attitude remains positive and the training routine keeps them from laying around watching videos all day and focusing on physical and mental health.”

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