Individual Acts Improve Community

Many issues of The Vail Voice have a loose theme. We do try to have  Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter themes, along with some focus on the special events in different months. Often, our monthly themes are planned; however, sometimes a different or an additional theme becomes apparent when all the articles come in, and I see the paper as a whole.

In past months, we have had issues where community growing pains were expressed; in other months, we have had themes of civic spirit, local pride, and community organizations. In this issue, I notice the importance of specific individuals bringing change in our community.

This month, we have the story of a local student, (page 8) Ethan King, who had a vision for recreational equipment at the Esmond Station School. Because of his vision, leadership, and work, Esmond Station has a “9 Square Pad.” Students, now and in the years to come, will be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor. On page 6, Rose Harris writes about her daughter, Jessica De La Cruz, and the scholarship established in her name, providing financial assistance to students. Kimberly Crossland writes about Empire High students who traveled to Ecuador on a service trip, on page 7. Ida Haynes, on page 25, reports on volunteers working all day making quilts and blankets for Project Linus, a project to provide solace to children in need. “Rescue a Golden,” on page 13 addresses their volunteer work to rescue and re-home Golden Retrievers.  Page 17 highlights Chris Cobb’s Mt. Denali climb in support of the Fisher House, providing help for the families of Veterans undergoing treatment at the VA hospital. Finally, Debbi Weitzell, in keeping with this theme of volunteering and service, writes about, where people can find ways to serve in their local communities.

In past issues, we have acknowledged the many civic organizations operating in the Vail area that work to make Vail a better community, and we are proud to have some of them report regularly in this paper.

Additionally, on behalf of the paper and the community, I also want to give thanks to the many individuals who volunteer on a regular basis to write for The Vail Voice. Accordingly, we give thanks to Rick MacKay, Anne Gibson, Dr. David Levy, Rob Samuelsen, Kimberly Crossland, Dr. John Leeper, Trent Thomas, Kelsey Thomas, Stacy Winstryg, Tom Howard, Dr. Heather Redmon, Faith Schild, J.J. Lamb, Dr. Syed T. Azam, Claire Schild, Robert Steele, Anna Steele, Gaga Barnes, Khevin Barnes, Elizabeth Smith, Jared Free, and Anne Velosa.

We may not be able to make much change in the world at large, but as individuals, our work, our volunteerism, and our service to others can make a big change in our part of the world.

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