The silencing of Vail residents has been happening for months behind the scenes and will continue to happen if Vail is incorporated.  IVA chose to ignore hundreds of residents’ opt-out requests.  IVA/Love Vail Vote Vail has now chosen to block and delete any person on Facebook who speaks out against incorporation.  Board members and supporters of incorporation are now reporting anti incorporation posts on NextDoor and are reporting moderators for “unfair moderation”.  And now their next tactic is by reporting anti-incorporation homemade signs for violating campaign finance laws.

Stand with us and stand up against this silencing, bullying and unfair treatment of Vail residents.  Vote NO on 402 to make your voice heard and let them know how you feel about their treatment of our fellow Vail residents.  Since 1880, Vail has thrived and will continue to thrive without incorporation!

Additionally, contrary to what IVA is leading the community to believe, Rob Samuelsen, a board member for IVA and Stuart Katz, IVA donor, recently confirmed that Tucson has no interest in annexing Vail’s residential areas.



Incorporate Vail Arizona was founded in February 2022 with the intent to “Incorporate the Town of Vail Arizona.” They were set up as a 501c4 organization. As a 501c4 organization, Incorporate Vail Arizona did not have to disclose its donors and was able to hide the money and the anonymous donor who provided their initial windfall of money.


However, as a PAC, financials have to be disclosed ($). The Incorporate Vail PAC has filed its first financials. The 2023 Quarter 2 Campaign Finance Report disclosure reveals something alarming. The main donor, donating $50,000, (second highest amount was only $100) was none other than the President of American Openings, Tom Regina. American Openings is a Tucson registered business claiming it is “Arizona’s Window and Door Manufacturer, specializing in large, multi-family, new construction projects for the trade.” This individual also used his Tucson business address on the filing document, not his apparent residential address in Coyote Creek (apparently only relocated here in 2021).


Is this the same individual that donated the initial windfall of money to get this incorporation movement started? Online comments appear to indicate so. It is well known that incorporation will increase development of our area at a more rapid pace. Pima County officials agree with this as they withheld a large chunk of the Bar V Ranch from the incorporation map due to this very reason, more rapid development.


How many millions does Tom Regina stand to earn if Vail incorporates and building explodes? Imagine our residential community changing into a community of large, multi-family buildings. This is not the Vail we all moved here for.


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Make sure your voice is heard on election day!  Incorporation is not a done deal; it is up to US the voters within the boundaries.  Save Vail, Preserve Vail, Vote NO 402.


By John Williams

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