Dear Claire,
I keep dreaming of this huge wave, like a tidal wave, outside of my house. It is like there is an ocean outside of my house, and there is this huge wave of water right outside the front door of the house. It is just this wall of water, and I can see it through my living room window, which is right next to the front door. It is not like I see anything else, either. All that I see is this wall-like wave of water. It is kind of cloudy and light blue. It doesn’t crash against the house, it is just out there rolling around. There is sunlight outside, but I see no sky or anything. Just this ocean wave that is pushing at my door. I brace myself against the door, and I lock it. But then I see some water seeping through the cracks. I am afraid that it will burst through the front door of my house, so I lean against the door to keep it closed. I can hear the wave moving behind the door, and then I wake up.

Waves and the ocean are extremely common dream motifs, as well extremely common and powerful dream symbols, because they are composed of water—and water is the definitive symbol for life. Water symbolizes life not only because it is the source of all life, but also because it sustains all life—and, like life, it is fluid and ever-changing. The fluid and ever-changing physical nature of water is why waves and the ocean are often symbols for change and transition in life, as well as why they are often symbols for the interconnectedness and “yin and yang” of life. Furthermore, ocean waves can also represent our subconscious world—which, like the ocean, is a fluid, mysterious, and relatively uncharted place that can take courage and perseverance to explore. However, because ocean waves can be calm and serene, in addition to being turbulent and out of control, one of their most classic dream functions is to represent feelings, moods, temperaments, and behaviors. As a result, the relentless and overpowering physical characteristics of waves can often serve as symbols for overwhelming situations, emotions, and forces in life—as in, a “tidal wave of emotion” or a “wave of responsibility” crashing down upon us. The symbolism of seeing a house in a dream can take on a variety of significant meanings—however, houses are classically viewed as symbols for safety, security, protection, domesticity, family, and tradition. Along those same lines, they can also be refined to symbolize one’s family life or home life—or can symbolize the state of feeling “at home” in certain situations and/or places. In addition, houses can also symbolize one’s personal territory or personal life and—at an even higher level of symbolism—can represent the human mind or psyche, with the exterior representing the image of ourselves that we present to the outside world and the interior representing our true, inner selves. Doors and door imagery in a dream traditionally symbolize a transition from one state, quality, world, or realm of existence to another, but can also serve as symbols of welcome and permission to enter, as well as symbolizing promising connections and opportunities—for example, a situation which “opens doors” for a person in life. However, doors can also be symbols of exit, separation, and prohibition—when, by shutting these doors, the dreamer shuts out situations, people, responsibilities, and/or emotions.
As to the submitted dream—although more information from the dreamer would be needed to definitively unlock the meaning and significance of its symbols and motifs, it appears that the “tidal wave” most likely symbolizes overwhelming responsibilities, emotions, and/or situations in the dreamer’s outside/professional life which he feels are threatening to “crash down” upon him. As a result, he is “leaning against the door” in an attempt to shut out the “tidal wave” of his outside/professional life—and keep it separate from his home/family life. However, despite even his best attempts to keep all that is overwhelming and upsetting “behind the door”, the dreamer still finds that his personal “tidal wave” has “seeped through” and is impinging upon his personal territory and private world. What is to be learned from this message being sent from his subconscious is that suppressed desires, emotions, and conflicts will make their way into our dream worlds in order to force us to confront and work through them—and recurring themes in dreams can be merely the subconscious mind prodding dreamers to deal with and/or recognize suppressed or repeating issues in their waking worlds.
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