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Although the alliance takes a summer hiatus, the board continues to serve the community.  During the school break, the area in front of Sycamore and Corona Foothills schools that is between the asphalt walking path and Houghton Road was treated with preemergent to control the weeds.  On Make a Difference Day on Saturday, October 21, the alliance and its partners will once again perform a cleanup, keeping is safe for all those who pass through the area.

In August, the executive board met to review what has been accomplished in the past year and what the plans are for the coming year.  The bylaws were reviewed, as they are each year.  The schedule for the rest of 2023 was discussed and put into place.

The next Adopt-A-Road date is Saturday, September 23, 8 to 10 a.m.  We will meet at the south parking lot of the DanZone.  Be sure to dress appropriately by wearing closed-toe shoes, long pants, long sleeves, sunscreen, and hats/sunglasses.  The alliance will provide the trash bags, pickers, safety vests, gloves, and water.  The area to be cleaned will be Houghton Road from Sahuarita Road to Camino del Toro.  All members of the community are welcome to come out and help keep our village main roadway beautiful.

Make a Difference Day is scheduled for Saturday, October 21.  At that time, we will be cleaning up the area in front of Corona Foothills and Sycamore schools between the asphalt walking path and Houghton Road from Vista Monte to Forrest Feezor.  We look to the community to bring their gloves, rakes, weed whackers, saws, and hula hoes.  Be sure to dress appropriately by wearing closed-toe shoes, long pants, long sleeves, sunscreen, and hats/sunglasses.  The alliance will provide trash bags.  We will be looking for people with trailers to haul the debris to the landfill.

Saturday, November 25, will be another Small Business Saturday, held on the south parking lot of the DanZone.  This is an opportunity for local vendors to show and sell their products to the community.  It is a great opportunity for holiday shopping.  This year the Children’s Entrepreneur Market will participate.  Anyone who would like to participate in the event can contact Ellie Abraham, 520-668-0414 or email, for information.

You may have noticed there is a new restaurant in Corona de Tucson.  La Herradura (horseshoe) has moved into the Tay’s/Blackhawk premises.  They did a soft opening on Friday, July 29, with a great turnout.  They will be open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., serving breakfast along with the usual menu you found on the El Giro food truck.  They have a liquor license for those who would like an evening adult beverage while enjoying the sunset.  The seating area has been rearranged with booths and tables.

Stop by to order food to order takeout or eat on site.


Corona Cares

Corona Cares continued serving the Corona de Tucson community during the hot, hot, hot summer months.  All volunteers and recipients were offered an opportunity for a field trip to view the Linda McCartney photography exhibit at the University of Arizona.  As the day approached, people dropped out due to travel, family emergencies, medical issues, the heat, or something else.  Those who were able to go enjoyed seeing the many photographs that Linda took of her family, Arizona, the Beatles, and other famous people.  It was wonderful to be able to see her beautiful works of art.

The volunteers were honored at a volunteer luncheon at Dominick’s in Green Valley.  They had a wonderful lunch with a great view of the golf course.  All volunteers received a gift for their hours of service to the program.  It was great to once again have the entire group together.

During the volunteer appreciation luncheon, the volunteers discussed hosting a Senior Fest with vendors promoting their services.  More information to come later.

Corona Cares has served the Corona de Tucson community for thirteen years of service.  I researched the number of recipients and volunteers who have benefited from the services the program has offered.  Currently there are seventeen volunteers serving twenty-one recipients.  Eighteen recipients have moved out of the area, ten have dropped from the program, and thirty-three have died.  WOW!  Thirteen volunteers have moved out of the area, nineteen have dropped out of the program, and six have died.

Putting those statistics into perspective, we have helped so many people.  Who knows what path their lives would have taken without Corona Cares’ support.  We will continue to provide services to our community members.

We are in need of seat walkers.  If you or anyone you know would like to donate a seat walker to Corona Cares, please contact me.

If you or anyone you know needs transportation, friendly phone calls, friendly visits, or caregiver relief services, please have them contact me.  Additionally, we are always looking for volunteers who are willing to donate three to four hours a week to provide those same services.  Call Corona Cares at 520-395-9327.

By: Ellie Abraham

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