Ellie Abraham, coordinator, Corona Cares

Ellie grew up in Wisconsin along with six siblings on a dairy farm. At age 20, she moved to Boulder, Colorado, where she worked as a dental assistant for a short time and then for the Boulder County Commissioners for seven years. She then hired on with IBM and moved to Tucson, living in Green Valley. She and her then husband were the only couple in the neighborhood who were not retired. Every morning as she went to work, her neighbors were in their golf carts, headed to the golf course.

After four years in Tucson, Ellie transferred to Austin, Texas for four years. She then transferred back to Boulder for two years, where she met her life partner Ben. In 1989, Ellie transferred to Tucson for the second time.

When IBM downsized in 1993, Ellie left the company and moved back to Colorado, living in Boulder and Longmont. She started her own business of medical transcription, along with proofreading for court reporters. She was able to work from home, something very rare at that time. She was one of the few medical transcriptionists who used the court reporting steno machine to transcribe doctor’s patient records.

When Ben’s mom moved from California to Colorado, Ben and Ellie took care of her until her death. By then Ben was retired, while Ellie continued as a medical and legal transcriptionist. With Ellie’s business being portable, they moved back to the Tucson area.

From previous years of living in the Tucson area, Ellie and Ben knew of Corona de Tucson (CdT). They decided to make their home in the small community, with easy access to Tucson and Green Valley.

In 2010 with guidance from PCOA, Ellie formed Corona Cares, a neighbors helping neighbors volunteer program. The goal was to assist seniors in CdT to remain in their homes safely. She later became active in the Corona de Tucson Community Alliance (CdTCA).

When the pandemic struck, Ellie retired from the transcription business and focused on Corona Cares, CdTCA, and Ben. When they are able to travel without restrictions, they visit family, take cruises, and explore Arizona and the United States.

Corona Cares, Neighbors-helping-Neighbors
Phone: (520) 395-9327 / E-Mail: coronacares@cox.net Neighbors and friends,

Neighbors and friends,

Please enjoy the poem below written by a US Navy Veteran. As you read it, hear his heart and know the men and women of Post 109 are proud to be a part of this community. We look forward to continuing to serve in it, making it the great community it is.

Our Beginning

The Fourth of July

The 1770’s, both good and bad

we were in a new land, both happy & sad

The British controlled, & were demanding & bold

but we had brave people who didn’t like to be told

Town meetings were held & great speeches rang out

they wanted to make sure everyone knew what the rule was about

But the British had an army, uniformed & armed

they had food & shelter & felt very charmed

They never suspected the commoners would rise

and when they did, it was a disastrous surprise

Through terrible conditions the common folk endured

but they were determined, challenged & demurred

Through starvation and sickness, the death toll was high

but despite all the hardships they never went awry

Sure there were deserters, too sick to go forth

they went in all directions, east, south, west and north

But Washington pleaded, and gave it his all

seeing his suffering, with them, they together stood tall

In the end their freedom was won

they returned home in peace once the fighting was done

We must always remember the sacrifices from those who devoted their lives for the cause of freedom and are still doing so on this very day

By Peter Cacciolfi,
US Navy 1951-1955

From all of us down at Post 109, we wish our community a fantastic Independence Day. We would like to invite you to the Post on Saturday, 2 July, as we celebrate the birth or our nation. Party starts at 11:00 am!

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