By Barbara McClure, Executive Director

Since opening in Vail in 2013, our local IMPACT food bank has grown to serve more than 200 families each month, over 670 different families in total. These families receive a USDA food box designed to sustain for 3-4 days, supplemented with additional pantry items, frozen meat, dairy, produce, and toiletries. According to a recent report by the US Food Research and Action Center (FRAC), one in five Arizonans recently said that there had been times over the past 12 months that they didn’t have enough money to buy food that they or their families needed. We strive to reduce hunger and free up money in household budgets that can be used towards other necessities such as rent, clothing, utilities, and medical costs. We provide special kits called ͞Mighty IMPACT Meals͟ (MIMs) for K-12 students to ensure the most hungry of our Vail school children have something to eat over the weekends.

We provide delivered meals to homebound seniors in the community, Thanksgiving Dinner Kits to more than 150 low income Vail area families, and are partnering with the Vail Preservation Society and Esmond School Station on a Community Garden where children will learn to grow fresh vegetables for their own families and for the IMPACT food bank.

We recently had a Vail family come to us because a mother, diagnosed with cancer, moved in with her adult daughter for help. The daughter herself was pregnant, and with a family of her own, already struggling to make ends meet, but of course she could not turn away her mother. We were able to help the family with rent, connect them with nutritional WIC food supplements and provide diapers, food and other necessities. It is important to note that our fundamental administrative costs, kept at less than 8% of our total budget, are covered through revenues of a thrift shop, so every dollar you give is directed at 100% towards programs!

If you know of someone who could use our help, please let them know how to find us. If you would like to visit our offices for a tour, or to make a food or monetary donation, please feel free to drop in or call Karen McNinch, our Program Coordinator. She is available to help at 222-4966 Monday through Friday.

To get more information and see how you can help, visit our website at:

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