Pima County Department of Transportation is developing a project to add northbound left-turn lanes on Houghton Road at Brekke Road, Dawn Road, Andrada Road and Camino del Emperador. For traffic operations and safety reasons, the addition of northbound left-turn lanes on Houghton Road will improve safety and traffic operations by separating left-turning vehicles from trough vehicles.  Providing one access point for Camino del Emperador to Houghton Road will eliminate multiple conflict points and improve safety.

The divided roadway for Camino del Emperador approximately 500’ west of Houghton Road is proposed to connect to Houghton Road at one intersection instead of two intersections that exist currently.  This will require the realignment of the eastbound leg of Camino del Emperador.  All of the proposed improvements are located within Pima County right-of-way.  The project is in the early stages of development.  The improvements will be constructed in the summer of 2018 after the Pima County Fair.

Pima County Department of Transportation contact information: Project Manager Steve Wilson (520) 724-6410 Stephen.Wilson@pima.gov and Program Manager Carol Brichta (520) 724-6410 Carol.Brichta@pima.gov.


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