by Jeff Logsdon, Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce President

One of the greatest things the business leaders in our community get to be a part of is investing in the next generation.  This investment can happen a myriad of ways, but one way that specifically comes to mind is through student scholarships.  Every year we receive a score of applicants submitting their best written work to a panel of local business leaders that will ultimately select five individuals who will be awarded a scholarship towards their education, at one of our amazing colleges in the State of Arizona.  As these relationships develop, we have also been able to see those students graduate from a local college and reinvest their talents and skills right here in our own community.

The primary purpose of the annual golf tournament, being held at Del Lago Golf Course on Cinco de Mayo this year, is just that—to encourage these students by investing in their goals and dreams as future college graduates.  When a foursome signs up to crush that little white ball, an item is donated for the raffle, a five dollar ticket for a ball drop is purchased, and organizations make a contribution to become a tee sponsor; these proceeds will be used to invest in scholarships for our students.

Over the years those scholarships have yielded over forty-two thousand dollars in donations and impacted more than thirty-five students from within the Vail School District!  And in this way, you get to partner with your Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce to provide hope for a new generation, one student at a time!  Congratulations to this year’s scholarship award recipients!


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