Vail is experiencing an uptick in thefts from unlocked cars, tool thefts from garage’s and beds of trucks again. Additionally we had a recent burglary attempt where the suspects shut off power to the house by flipping the breaker on the main outside circuit breaker box.  This would have disabled the alarm but the home had a cellular based system. Accordingly, with the holidays upon us and everyone out shopping and filling their houses with gifts I would like to pass along some friendly reminders:

  • Lock your cars – don’t become a target of convenience.
  • Remove valuables from vehicles:  Purses, iPods, or weapons under the seat. Any convenience of leaving these items in your vehicles is surpassed by the loss of these items, or worse, your property being used in the commission of another crime.
  • Close your garage door. An open garage is an opportunity for criminals to window shop. A big gun locker, or bright red tool chest attracts attention. An unlocked car with a garage door opener in it is a recipe for theft.
  • Put a padlock on your main circuit breaker panel! Most alarms are tied into the home main power. Unless your system sends a “Loss of Signal” to the alarm company, or it is cellular based, shutting the power off turns off your alarm off.
  • Put a bright keychain on the padlock key and keep it easily accessible inside your home in case you need to shut off power in an emergency.
  • Install motion lights on your garage and sides of homes. I use solar motion lights at my home and they work great.

Garbage cans and recycling bins:

  • Don’t advertise your recent big ticket purchases by having the cardboard box stick halfway out of your recycling or garbage bin. I see this all the time driving around.  I know who got new TV’s and Xbox’s just by driving around on garbage day.
  • Cut the boxes down so they fit inside the container so the window shopping criminal doesn’t see them while cruising your street.
  • Additionally, pull them off the curb the same day after collection.  Leaving garbage cans on the curb for days on end tells criminals you aren’t home!
  • If you’re gone, have your neighbor pull them in.

These holiday reminders are not intended to make people feel like prisoners in their own homes.  They are simple steps everyone can take to prevent being an easy target.

If you “See something – Say Something.”  Call 911 to report suspicious people and vehicles.  The guy riding his bike at 2 AM while carrying a backpack is probably up to no good…give us a call!  We will always respond!

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