Even if you have lived in Vail for a short period of time, you likely have noticed the now completed road construction along Colossal Cave Road, the soon to be built Safeway and other stores by Colossal Cave and Mary Ann Cleveland, and the many home development sub-divisions along Mary Ann Cleveland, South Camino Loma Alta, and in the Rancho Del Lago area, to name a few. In addition, and as noticed in this issue, we also have current and planned development in the “area between the tracks” (page 16) and a Vail Welcome and Heritage Center (page 20).

Some of this new growth manifests a growing interest in future plans for the roads in the area (page 1), and the need for new school construction (page 9). The Vail Preservation Society does a good job of reminding us of our history. Worth mentioning is the fact that history is being made currently, and future readers of the paper will likely read of the history of Vail around the post “turn of the century” (2000 plus). As J. J. Lamb writes on page 20, through your volunteerism and donations, “you are part of creating a legacy that inspires the future resident’s vision for Vail, one that strengthens community connections.”

As noted before in a previous “From the Editor” column, volunteerism plays a critical role in not only community development, but also the health and even prosperity of a community. Accordingly, The Vail Voice encourages people to engage in our community. Whether it is “Make Way for Books” (page 16), or Resources (page 26), Corona Cares (page 10), The American Legion Post 109, (page 10) the Vail Preservation Society (page 20), or at one of the other organizations in Vail. At The Vail Voice, we also welcome volunteers who would like to assist as contributors on selected and regular topics or in other areas related to publishing. Along these we welcome a new contributor, Ed Conley, who will write on topics related to military veterans, (page 20).

As the season changes and Thanksgiving Day comes upon us, The Vail Voice wishes all its readers a Happy Thanksgiving.

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