Dear Heather,

I am a full time working, mother of 4 children. While I adore being a wife and mother, lately I just feel tired. I don’t want to be the type of mom that is ragged and worn down, but I feel that is the path I am headed down. I feel like I can’t get ahead with all the chores and the children’s needs and activities.

Can you offer any advice?

Too Tired

Dear Tired,

Please don’t feel like you’re alone with these feelings. I don’t know any parents out there who haven’t felt these exact emotions themselves. When our lives are consumed with catering to children, they can quickly become busy, hectic and often times, overwhelming. I encourage you to start asking for some help. Teach your children to start helping out with day to day tasks that they are able to perform. Whether it is cleaning their rooms, doing laundry, or other chores you assign, insist that they too help with the household. You should discuss the way you are feeling with your partner as well. Sometimes when things are overlooked, it is unintentional and simply not on one’s radar. Also, try to incorporate a bit of you time. I know it is difficult and sometimes there is guilt associated with it, but a little time for yourself goes a long way. Most importantly, don’t discount the way you are feeling! Be sure that after you implement these changes, you are feeling better. If not, make sure you seek out a professional who is able to discuss your feelings with you. It is important that you are of a healthy mind and body in order to raise your family the way you wish.

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