Dear Heather,

I have three children, ranging in age from ten to seventeen. With Halloween fast approaching I know the inevitable question will be, “can we go trick or treating?” I love Halloween and enjoy the fun and shenanigans that it can be, but I don’t want to offend people by walking up to their homes with my very grown up children asking for candy. The thrill for us is getting dressed up and frolicking through the neighborhood with our friends and family, the candy is only an added bonus. Do you think it is time to tell my older kids to hang up the costumes?

Thank you! Halloween Happiness

Dear HH,

I think that you and your family have every right to make the night of Halloween fun for all! I have always thought that if teenage kids go through the motions of dressing up and coming out, they deserve that Twix or those Skittles! If it is very worrisome to you, or you get to the point where all your kids are “big kids” and you still want to celebrate, maybe a party or gathering at your own home. Then you can include any and all you choose!

Happy hauntings! Heather

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