Dear Heather,

I have worked at my job for about ten years.  I have a great team, and through the years have formed many relationships with my coworkers.  At times, I feel like we are a big family that has grown up together.  Recently, however, one of our team members has become increasingly difficult.  It seems that this individual is at the center of every problem or issue.  I have never been a complainer and I’m not one to get my feathers ruffled too easily, but this is really getting under my skin.  Do I say something and risk making a situation uncomfortable, or just bite my tongue and keep to myself?

Thank you!

Workplace Woes

Dear Woes,

It is so nice when your place of work runs smoothly, without hiccups but, like anything in life, that isn’t likely to always be the case.  Humans butt heads, we disagree, and sometimes, personalities just clash.  Although we don’t always get along, we do have to figure out a way to work in a general place and for a common goal.  So if you find that this person is causing a distraction enough to interrupt your ability to do your job, you should speak up.  If you are the type that can confront a problem without creating a bigger one, try speaking to the individual.  If you are not, you should speak to your supervisor.  Be sure that you are ready to appropriately point out the issues you see, and also know that you may have to address the individual in a mediation setting.   Keep in mind that the end goal is a harmonious workplace, where everyone feels respected and worthy.

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