By Hollie Warnick

Is it over yet? Did we defeat 2020? Let’s just say that 2020 was an accomplishment for us all. It brought many new and different situations into our lives. But hey, let’s cut the cords to that one and move onward and upward while holding on to what we learned. Who’s ready to ring in the new year?

What will 2021 hold? You decide this time. Obviously, we aren’t in control of everything (if we were money would probably grow on trees, am I right?), but we can set goals and agree to personal growth over the next year. Let’s turn over a new leaf with the energy of a fresh start ahead of us. What will you focus on this coming year? Personal growth? Career upgrades or changes? Starting a new relationship? Do you have goals for different categories or none? If you don’t have any or just want to solidify the ones you have, join me in a little activity…

Take a second here to come up with 2-3 achievements, possibilities, or desires that you have for your life. This could be a financial number, a status change, a dream item, vacation idea, or just a feeling you’d like to experience. Do your best to get a few details in there. Write down the top 3 that came to mind. Write each goal statement in the present tense, like this: “I own a brand-new silver sedan” or “I scored higher than my last time” or “I am in a loving and committed relationship.” Write it like you already have it.

Next, you’ve gotta experience it! Visualize, my friends. Imagine. This technique lets the brain know your goal is a real possibility it can achieve. Spend a moment on your top goal seeing yourself having/doing/being it in your mind’s eye. Feel what it’s like to have that item or be in that situation. Feel the joy, excitement. Wear that smile on your face now, throw your arms up in triumph or touch your heart as you know your loved one will. Be in the goal as if you are currently living it. Bask in the warmth and comfort of a job well done.

Now, hug yourself tight and tense up while you say, “Thank You” and release yourself, your breath, and the goal. Appreciate the moment and let go of it. Have gratitude and relinquish your aspirations over to Divine Source. Surrender each desire to the Creator. This takes it out of the forefront of your mind and releases it to the Universe and your subconscious to deal with. Phew!

So, if you’re feeling skeptical or just wanna take it a step further, redo the exercise with a goal a loved one has shared with you. Imagine them receiving their heart’s request and see where that leaves you. If you are ready to revamp or start your 2021 Vision Board, contact me for class times or personal sessions. Happy New Year friends.

Hollie Warnick is a behavioral kinesiologist utilizing natural solutions like energy medicine, essential oils, and applied kinesiology to help others gain clarity, peace, and power in their lives. With a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and alternative therapy certifications, Hollie shares ways to transform daily life and breakthrough to life’s true purpose. Contact (520) 800-4383 or

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