By Hollie Warnick

Marc Anthony once said, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” How many of us are doing exactly what we love? Do you love your job? Are you happy with your achievements in life? Hopefully you enjoy some fulfillment in your life. If not, what’s missing?

Often, we don’t realize that we are stuck in survival mode. We live based on fears of the past, patterns of avoidance, and can end up isolating ourselves. Many feel unable to connect deeply. Living life just to make ends meet tends to be unsatisfactory.

If you feel caught in a bog of boredom or mired in a life of monotony, it’s time to shake it up. Get back to your roots or explore a new area of wonder you’ve discovered. Find that thrill and elation that comes when you’ve accomplished something that expresses who you are. Do what gets you in the space of love.

Don’t know what it is that you love?
Follow your curiosities. This is frequently where we find our passion and purpose in life. If you take pleasure in nature, follow that. If you revel in painting nails, follow that. If you delight in fixing things, follow that. These activities are or can lead to what ignites our flame of passion. They are worth pursuing.

Doing what you love doesn’t have to mean a career change or total overhaul. You can add in activities you love once a day, once a month, or as needed. Your pursuit of all things horses doesn’t have to completely encompass your life. You can do your jigsaw puzzles as an aside. Your spiritual pursuits don’t have to eliminate family time.

What each of us needs is time to express ourselves and reflect on who we are. Take time out of the day to acknowledge yourself and your needs. Doing what you love in a necessity. It will keep you vital, sane, and connected. Doing what you love reconnects your inner knowingness; your brain and heart come into alignment. And when you’re in that space, you become unstoppable!

If you are struggling to determine your passion or life purpose, contact Hollie for some one-on-one inquiry into who you are and what you’re about. Talk to you soon.

Hollie Warnick is a Behavioral Kinesiologist and Reiki Master utilizing behavioral health concepts, energy medicine, and essential oils to help clients gain clarity, peace, and power in their relationships and lives. Hollie leads classes and personal sessions that transform your breakdowns into miracles with insights and healing for inside and out. Contact (520) 800-4383 or

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