By Brad Anderson

Whew! Are we ever glad that is over. Transition is never easy, but this one seems to have been one of the most difficult. No matter where in the political spectrum you are, this change has been challenging. I like Gabby Giffords’ comment – “Move Ahead.” As a nation, that is what we need to do. The past is behind us and there is nothing we can do about that. We can only look forward.

We are facing major issues. First is dealing with COVID-19. Arizona has been designated as one of the world’s hot spots. Our school district is doing everything possible to get their students back to the classroom – safely. And as citizens, we are trying to figure out which vaccination priority group we are in and when the time is for “our turn,” that is – if we want a “turn.” If you are looking for help, the county has an informative web site at They also have a dedicated phone number: 520-222-0119 to assist with making a reservation.

We are a politically divided nation. We have seen families and friends separated by philosophical and political differences. It is time to heal. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves we live in the greatest country in the world. We have the right to speak our minds and express our opinions – but we need to make sure we do that in a civil and respectful manner.

Our community is growing and changing. What does the future hold? Homes are being built and families are moving in. Our roads, schools, high-speed internet, cell phone service and other amenities are going to be utilized to their maximum. As the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce, we are in the position to be an economic development advocate – to encourage services be expanded for our community.

We can only successfully address these and other issues by working together. As a community – let us set the example.

Brad Anderson grew up on a family farm in northern Colorado and from Colorado State University. He joined the Greater Vail area Chamber of Commerce when he moved to southern Arizona as an Edward Jones Financial Advisor in Vail.

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