On August 31, 2015, the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce held a town hall meeting at Empire High School. This was an information-only event; it was not a debate. Speakers in attendance discussed the impact a positive or negative vote on the Pima County Bond would have on their specific greater Vail area organization.

The topics and speakers in attendance included:

  • The Where’s What’s and Why’s of the Bonds: Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry
  • Proposition 425: UA Tech Park, Ben J. Tuchi, PhD, Treasurer of the Campus Research Corporation
  • Proposition 425: Sonoran Corridor and Roads, Pima County Manager Chuck Huckelberry
  • Proposition 426: Southeast Branch Library, Pima County Director Melinda Cervantes’ Office
  • Proposition 427: Colossal Cave Mountain Park, Brian Held, General manager, Colossal Cave Mountain Park
  • Proposition 427: Pima County Fairgrounds, Executive Director Jon Baker
  • Proposition 428: YMCA at UA Tech Park, YMCA CEO and President, Dane Woll
  • Proposition 429: Vail Sheriff Substation, Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos
Look for the October edition of The Vail Voice for more details about the bond.

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