Give yourself or a loved one the gift of self confidence.

Have you been looking for a gift that will make a difference in a loved one’s life, but haven’t been sure what to give? A better smile can help you project an aura of success and self-confidence that can be life changing.

When you are selfconfident, feel good about yourself, it makes you happy and more likely to smile. If you have a healthy smile, you won’t be embarrassed to show those pearly whites and your confidence. But if your teeth are stained, crooked, chipped, or dirty, you might feel like smiling less or worse you keep your mouth closed. Let Dr. Barney help you.

Desert Dental offers cosmetic dentistry from contouring, crowns, veneers to a professional in-office whitening procedure and we make it affordable. In short, while you can whiten teeth by as much as eight shades within days. We offer adult braces that you only wear for 6 months! It will make you feel happy and will raise your self-esteem.

When you smile, you feel and act in a more personable way to everyone around you and exude a feeling of a positive attitude. The most popular and influential people in most situations are people who genuinely smile at others when they meet them and greet them.

Schedule a consultation today it can change your life. Contact Christi or Briana at 520-663-0419 or stop by to visit our office.

The gift you give this season could be a happier, more self-confident you!

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