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I sat down (virtually) with Alicia Huff to learn a little more about her journey to becoming the owner of a candy store.

Mike and Alicia Huff
Candy World
9136 E. Valencia #130 

What was the first job you ever had?

It was in the restaurant industry as a server. This job helped me to learn about the importance of customer service.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Mike already had a pest control business. After I received my MBA, I wanted something that I could run. We were interested in making a positive contribution to the community. To find a business that all ages could enjoy, not just geared toward a certain population. In fact, our motto is “A Little Something for Everyone” 

What is your product?

All kinds of candy: Nostalgic candy, bulk and novelty candies. Fudge and ice cream. We will also serve sugar free ice cream.

What was the biggest obstacle  in starting your business?

Oh gosh, the construction permits and inspections. All of that behind the scenes work. Figuring out how to put everything together.

What is your biggest challenge  now that you are open?

This is when the worries start! Hoping the business succeeds. Hoping our goal of being of value to the community manifests. Future kinds of concerns.

What do you like best about owning your own business?

Oh I love interacting with people. Candy is fun. Our place is bright and festive. I can see the smiles, even behind the masks. I see our customer’s eyes light up. I see joy in the kids faces when they see all this candy! For adults, it is the nostalgia of it all.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to start a small business?

Definitely go for it! Do your homework, be prepared. Make sure your business is of value to the community. Everyone is always going to need a treat every now and then. Make sure it is an idea that is sustainable, not just a flash in the pan or something trendy.  We looked at other business ideas before we landed on this one. There was always a barrier to entry of some kind that made us know it was not for us. We always came back to the candy store idea and had a sense of peace about it.

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