Fun Examples of LED Lights in Arts and Crafts by Leigh Marcos

LEDs are offering high-quality lighting to art. As with any art-piece or craft, light is the most important aspect in bringing it to life. Natural light can increase the rate that ancient art can fade or discolor, but through LED lighting, these paintings can be given a new lease of life and change how they are perceived, giving us the real impression of how the painting really looked or was supposed to have looked. As well as preserving antique artwork, LEDs can be used to craft modern pieces as seen here: LINK

In the UK, there are a few examples where LEDs have been used to create some quite remarkable pieces. In a time where star gazing has become non-existent, due to the smog and pollution in the world, French artist Oscar Lhermitte, produced “Urban Stargazing” as part of a Royal College of Art show where he created 12 new constellations using solar panel lights attached to nylon lines and fiber optic cables. Alternatively, you can look to the floor as you travel along the “Starry Nights Cycle Path” in Holland, where artists have celebrated Van Gogh’s Starry Nights painting by creating a 1 kilometer track with glow in the dark LEDs for the local cyclists and pedestrians.

Travel half way across the world and witness Hong Kong’s annual mid-Autumn festival where they have turned to the safer and brighter LED bulbs to light their lanterns, white roses, giant fish and more. They are UV-free and are seen as a safe and efficient source of light. LEDs are now a staple of all art, providing incredible modern pieces, but also helping to preserve classic, ancient art.


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