The Vail Voice Bids Goodbye to Two Writers and Welcomes Another

As our long-time readers know, The Vail Voice continues to grow in size, even if slowly. One of the areas in which we also seek to “grow” is in our content. We welcome and seek to have diverse content – and we are always looking for skilled volunteer writers. We have been fortunate to have many unique writers, from the world-famous Dr. Levy, of the Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 discovery, to not-so-famous folk who are able to provide us with great content, on subjects from hiking, to local history, weather, gardening, as well as content regarding local politics, development, and events in the school district.

Trent Thomas has been writing for The Vail Voice for at least 5 years (when the paper was about 24 pages long). Trent has served as our local “investigative reporter” taking on such important issues as inmate labor, federal enforcement of county roads, Arizona’s native plant law, and emergency medical flights among others. However, Trent will no be longer writing for The Vail Voice. We have been very fortunate to have Trent as one of our top volunteer writers for so many years. Trent – thank you very much!

In the past five years, we have been able to add writers and content. One of the areas that we were able to add content was regarding the visual arts. David James was able to provide us with interesting content regarding art and local artists. This was new ground for us, and it was well received. Unfortunately for us, but good for David, he will be leaving The Vail Voice also. David shares more about this transition in his final, and well written, column.

We are fortunate, as David and Trent leave us, to be able to welcome another regular writer, who will write in the area of – the arts! Carra “Mamma Coal” Stasney will be joining our team of volunteer writers providing content regarding music and local musicians.

Carra taught herself guitar at 16 and started songwriting at the same time. She soon performed her first open mic show at the age of 19. To date, she has made four studio recordings, including two with bands and two solo projects. Her most recent album was released in 2016, a concept album, which re-imagines Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger from a female perspective. A very good album review can be found here:

You can find her work on Amazon as well and you can hear Raven Haired Vixen on YouTube, (as I did – she is talented). Even better, you can see Carra at her upcoming live performance at Civano Coffee House Saturday, this coming April 13th, from 7 PM to 9 PM, with multi-instrumentalist Lex Browning of Poco.

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