Recently, it was pointed out to me that I was seemingly in a grumpy mood. Which was true and something that I noticed myself. Upon reflection, I realized what was bothering me. Like all of us, I have been subjecting myself to a barrage of negative news, of women being abducted, kids being shot, of endless political negativity and constant “ad hominem” attacks, of thefts of Christmas presents from doorstops, of financial scams, phony news stories designed to inflame emotions, and such.

Unfortunately, we really don’t hear much of the good that happens, that can counterbalance our perception of what is happening in our world. So, we are adding a section in the paper called, “We’ve Got Good News.”

If a police officer changed your tire, a stranger gave your car a jump, someone stopped to render aid in a car accident, your lost your wallet and it was sent back with your money still in it, we would like to hear and report this good news. Please see page 31 for these stories. We may not be able to run all the stories we get, but we would like to run some of them. Send your stories to, along with your name and perhaps the name of the person who helped you, if possible.

This month we welcome new writers Tom Howard, who will write about developing projects in our community; Rob Samuelsen, who writes about hiking the Grand Canyon, and Steve Watts, of The Greater Arizona Bicycle Association who will write about cycling locally.



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