There has been a lot of change recently, on a national level and locally, with both elections and the change of weather. The Christmas season is fast upon us, and the New Year is quickly approaching. Sometimes, it can feel like the tempo of our lives speeds up from Thanksgiving Day right through New Year’s Day, and then we have a pause as 2017 begins.

As J.J. Lamb writes in her article, in this issue, “The best memories are made together, with family, friends, and community.” This was true in 1947 (as she writes about) as it is in 2016, and will be in 2017.
While many things change in our lives, community, and the nation, celebrations with family and friends really don’t change as much or as fast. Sometimes, these family celebrations can bring about their own special challenges. In this issue, Anna Steele and Gaga Barnes have articles with practical advice that can help us navigate through holiday family gatherings.

Former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill is reported to have said: “all politics is local.” We are fortunate that in Vail we have a very involved local community with many civic organizations dedicated to both building and improving our local community. As this year draws to a close, The Vail Voice commends the efforts and hard work of many in our community who are helping to shape Vail into the community it is becoming. We wish a happy holiday season and wonderful New Year to all!

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