Let’s be honest. The craze over food trucks isn’t going away anytime soon. There’s something exciting about getting your hotdog or burrito from a restaurant on wheels. It brings the city life to the “country” (if you can call Vail, the country) with the portable deliciousness of street vendors.

There are several food truck roundups that happen a couple days out of the month. You can find those here or by signing up for the weekly newsletter. But for those of us who want our fill of “street food” between these events, there are a couple of regulars we can count on to deliver.

Here are the three food trucks that will keep you well-fed around Vail.

Valeria’s Comida Mexicana

This is perhaps the most recognizable of the Vail food trucks. It’s the colorful vehicle between the tracks in “downtown” Vail.

Here you can find tacos, burritos, and plenty of delicious salsa. It’s a lunch and dinner spot frequented by Vail residents and visitors alike. Located in the heart of Vail and close to I-10, Valeria’s is a convenient place to hit up for a delicious bite to eat when you’re in a hurry or have a hankering for some Mexican food.

Here’s a menu to get you thinking about your next meal.

Valeria's Menu

Drew’s Dogs

Drew’s Dogs is becoming more and more well-known around Vail. The owner, Andrew, frequently sets up shop by O’Reilly’s Auto Parts on Houghton and Rita. He also makes his rounds to several sporting events in and near Vail.

His specialty? Sonoran hot dogs – perfect food for this region of the world. If hot dogs aren’t really your thing, he also serves up nachos.

Visit him on Facebook to find out his hours and locations.

Drews Dogs

BTO YoMobile

Craving frozen yogurt? Stop by the “YoMobile” from BTO.

You can usually find the BTO YoMobile parked in the Safeway parking lot on Nexus and Valencia near the brick and mortar store. Either place you go, the yogurt is sure to be cold, fresh, and filled up “By The Ounce” for you to eat as much (or as little) as you want.



Bravo is a small food truck that serves up Mexican food on a daily basis by the Ace Hardware and Rita Ranch Automotive & Tire shop.

This is another Mexican food truck serving up more Sonoran hot dogs, combo plates, and other favorite dishes. Here’s their menu to reference.


What’s your favorite food truck regularly seen around town? Any other regular food trucks in Vail that we missed?

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