By Hollie Warnick


Fear based living is when we exist in the mindset of fright and terror. We believe scarcity is the norm and that life is against us. We may feel alone and scared; outnumbered and isolated. It is a taxing reference point to come from. We experience stress, anxiety, or worry leaving cortisol levels elevated too often for too long.

Some sense they are on the precipice of despair, about to go over the edge. Depression being the pervading sensation. What causes us to be hopeless or resigned, to feel lost and alone?

Power and Control

Fear can be best understood as an issue of power and control. When feel as if you have lost control or power over a given situation, your basic and primal survival instinct awakens. Lack of power and control leads us to take actions from fear. Mayhem,in our finances, emotions, relationships, and spirituality stem from our fears around power and control. Do you want power over your life? Do you find yourself trying to control everything or do you happily hand over all the choosing to others? Do you call the shots or sluff off decision making?


If we aren’t directing or choosing our own path, we may feel victimized in life. With the current health situation, just going to the grocery store may feel traumatizing. Terror reigns when we hand over our personal power to the masses or to superiors who are leading from fear. Life is complicated and precautions are beneficial for our well-being. If we focus on prevention, maintenance, and increased knowledge, we can make informed decisions that aren’t based on fear. If we live in fear and lack-mentality as victims of life, how can we ever feel hope or light again?


The answer is love friends. Love yourself. Love your body. Love your mind and Spirit. Love your neighbor. Love the earth, love the world. Love life.

What is keeping you from doing these things? Make time to get outside, be around loved ones, or recharge on your own in order to get into the flow of expressing your True Self.

If you’re ready to get out of fear and live life more fully self-expressed and in love, reach out now.

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