Claudia Anderson

Meet Claudia Anderson. She’s a resident in the colorful and ever popular Civano neighborhood in Southeast Tucson. She’s also a governing board member for the Vail School District. Her deep involvement in our community has helped us make tremendous strides in strengthening Vail. Now, learn more about what she’s doing for us and why she is so passionate about our future.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am an Arizona native. I was born and grew up in Phoenix; however I did graduate from the University of Arizona, as did my parents. I met my husband Eric on a hike in the Grand Canyon. After we married I moved to Sierra Vista where Eric lived and I commuted to my job as a paralegal in downtown Tucson. In 1990 we decided to start a family and moved to Rita Ranch and subsequently to Mesquite Ranch. We have two children Sarah and Sean. Both began kindergarten in the Vail School District and graduated from Cienega High School with scholarships to the University of Arizona. They are third generation Wildcats!! About 10 years ago I was able to go from full time employment to part-time with the Udall Foundation. I had a bit more time so I became more involved with the school district and the community. I am a past president of the Vail Community Action Board. Currently I am serving my second term as a Vail School District Governing Board Member. When I am not working at the Udall Foundation or attending school board meetings or associated functions I enjoy playing golf, hiking, bicycling and creating mosaic art.

2. What brought you to Civano?

Our family has always loved riding our bikes through Civano with its brightly colored houses and beautiful landscaping. Soon after Sean graduated from high school we came upon a house in Civano for sale. It was a bit smaller than our house at the time and fit our needs. We decided to downsize a bit sooner than anticipated but we are really happy that we made the move.

3. When out of towners come to visit, where are the must-see places on your itinerary?

Since most out of towners visit in the cool months I like to take them hiking. A few of my favorite places to hike include Cienega Creek, the trails at the end of Speedway and of course Sabino Canyon. It is always fun to go to downtown Tucson and the University area and enjoy the restaurants and unique stores. The Desert Museum and the Tucson Art museum are also high on my itinerary.

4. What’s your favorite part about living in Southeast Tucson?

I would say the feeling of community that has evolved around the school district is my favorite part about living in Southeast Tucson. I also never tire of the desert or the mountain views.

5. What is your hope for the future of this area?

I would love to see more activities for children and families. I have met with Charlie Buchanan who will be the Director of the proposed YMCA in Southeast Tucson to see what I can do to help with planning and development of this most anticipated addition to our community. I am also hopeful that our roads will improve and we will have some unique shopping and dining available to us on this side of town.

6. Anything else you’d like to share with the public?

I am very concerned with the legislative cuts to education and services to the citizens of Arizona. I would urge everyone to become involved and study the issues that are important to them and their families and vote. Unfortunately, 65% of eligible voters did NOT vote in the last election.

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