By Chuck Colbath

Lessons learned over the past decade have helped us to be our very best. John and I are truly committed to always providing the highest level of service from friendly, experienced stylists you will want to see again. Over the years we have searched the country for the best folks to serve you.

Until the pandemic, hiring was not easy, but it was possible. More recently, even with an expansion of advertising, those applying are harder to find. We all hear how there are millions of jobs that need to be filled. On a recent trip to the bank, the drive-thru was closed, and they required that we go into their overcrowded building to stand in line during the latest spread of Covid. When asked why the drive-up was not functioning, we were told “we are too short-handed to handle the drive-up”!

The same shortages are being realized in every industry. Luckily, we have a terrific bunch working for us. And we would like to thank our community for their kind words, and loyalty to our stylists here at Bavilon. Like so many, we could use another great stylist to support our clients. But we are very pleased to see more appointments are being booked ahead of time.

In an effort to better serve our community, we are adding a limited number of appointments at the end of the day for jobs that take more time. This makes it possible to accommodate you at a time when we normally would be closing. These limited spots are not available on-line, please give us a call to reserve your time as early as possible.

Bavilon is the area’s leading retailer of natural and organic American-made hair care products. Being similar in price to the average store brands, it’s understandable why our customers love these natural choices. Please stop in and check out our great products and our great salon. We look forward to assisting you .

Better care, better hair!

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