The web site has several Vail Area YouTube videos dedicated to our unique and rare ecoregion of the great Sonoran Desert. These amazing natural areas are close to most locations from the Greater Vail Area – usually within 30 minutes or less by vehicle.

It is my hope that our Vail area residents will value our preserved natural wonderlands – to understand their uniqueness and stunning beauty of the diverse flora and fauna surrounding us. From the mighty saguaro cactus – “sentinel of the desert” at Saguaro National Park East – to the calming waters flowing year round of the pristine Cienega creek – we have it all right in our lush desert backyard just waiting to be explored, experienced and remembered.

Listed here is the web site YouTube page of the Vail Area videos.

Best of Saguaro National Park -Tucson, AZ – America’s National Parks – National Geographic Society – From towering cacti to Costa’s hummingbirds and floral blooms, Saguaro National Park offers hidden gems both large and small. Saguaro National Park East Rincon Mtn. Unit is just minutes from the Vail community. Take the 8-mile Cactus Loop Drive and experience the wonders of the Sonoran Desert and the majestic saguaro cactus. Stunning vistas provide an intimate view of the Rincon Mountains. along with many interpretive educational sites along the loop drive and the resourceful visitor’s center.

Cienega Creek Nature Preserve – Andrew Brechko from ABrechko Outdoors explores Cienega Creek Nature Preserve in this unique video in a series called – “Exploring Southern Arizona.”

Three Bridges At Cienega Creek – Stunning aerial footage of the “Three Bridges” captures the beauty of the pristine Cienega Creek Preserve along with the intersecting of Union Pacific’s Railroad freight trains crossing at this unique and protected area. Cienega Creek Preserve is popular for mountain bikers, hikers and bird watchers. The creek runs year round and has many old growth cottonwood trees.

Long Mountain (also known as wi Duag) – Tucson filmmaker Leslie Epperson has created a new short film about Rosemont entitled “Long Mountain.” This film features Tohono O’odham leader Austin Nuñez speaking about the proposed mine and the special values of the Santa Rita Mountains rising up from the sacred ancestral land of the Tohono O’odham. These mountains are famous for their natural beauty and wildlife, including rare ocelots and jaguars. Concentrated efforts are being made to preserve their indigenous significance and natural beauty from mining interest and development.
Colossal Cave Wild Tour – The Wild Cave Tour at Colossal Cave Mountain Park in Pima County, Arizona is a truly memorable experience. If tight squeezes, narrow ledges and crevasses are your thing, this tour is for you. For the less adventurous, Colossal Cave has a brilliant walking tour which showcases the amazing formations and rooms in this unique cave.

“To be immersed in the divine is to be gathered in nature.” – R. Bass

Enjoy our great fall weather to venture out and explore the many natural wonders minutes from our Greater Vail Community! Best wishes in your travels and please visit:

By Rick Bass

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