By Miki Lee Hall

My son would come to me as a little boy periodically clear out of the blue, stand before me, and lift up his arms and request of me, “Hold me Mommy.” Perhaps it was fear… uncertainty… loneliness… sadness… even his joy, whatever it was he found himself facing in this world at the moment, it made him seek me out. He trusted that I loved him and I would take care of him. I would drop whatever I was doing at the time, lift him up into my arms and just hold him. I don’t think that need really ever goes away even when we grow up, for a man or a woman. It’s just the one we should turn to that ought to change… to seek our Heavenly Father who loves us so.

Nearly twenty years ago I desperately sought Jesus but just couldn’t believe. He came and met me in a church parking lot and enveloped me in His everlasting arms. The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms: (Deuteronomy 33:27a KJV). […] This is an ode to my Lord. It is a testimony to the reality of Jesus Christ. It is a message to all those needing to be held that His everlasting arms are waiting for you!

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