By Hollie Warnick

No, we don’t all understand each other. We can’t actually be in each other’s shoes. But we can relate from our own space. We can uproot and extract personal demons that lead us to intolerance, violence, discrimination, and prejudices. Inside each of us is a history of prejudices from our ancestors. It cannot survive. We must eradicate it. Whether our ancestors had hatred for others’ creed, nationality, skin color, culture, or a personal vendetta, we must eliminate these from our DNA, from our souls. Prejudice can show up as latent dislike or slight distrust scarcely recognizable. You hardly notice how you feel a little different towards a specific group of people. Maybe you barely contain your rage for “those types of people.” Maybe you outwardly belittle others for their life choices. It’s time to be aware, to change. It’s time to look in the mirror, reeducate yourself, and allow others to be who they are, have their opinion and options even if you don’t agree.


If you don’t understand another group of people, educate yourself. Use more reliable sources like biographies from the group or persons you don’t understand, historical documents, books and accounts from both “sides of the fence.” Do not rely on social media to give you truth or accurate, unbiased information. It may be that you cannot rely on family members to give unbiased information. Seek truth from many sources. Look for interviews, stories, facts from various sources and perspectives. Life isn’t as cut and dry as we assume it to be.


Knowledge is power. Once you gather information from all sides and perspectives, you may comprehend or even agree with what you thought you opposed. You may struggle with your discoveries; it may be life altering for better or seemingly worse. It may send you spiraling down or singing for joy. Realize you are not alone. We are in this together; it’s part of being human. Even still, some continue to disagree or feel that to agree with all sides would be paradoxical, impossible. Despite many being raised with duality and opposition as truth, we do not have to continue to see life that way. When we stay in that paradigm, we miss out.


Life isn’t for judging others. Life is for experiencing joy. Life is for forgiving others even if you don’t agree, even if you don’t look the same, even if you can’t understand them. Judgment hurts you more than it hurts the other person because it exists inside of you. You are the one carrying around the burden and acting out of that prejudice. Let it go. Forgive. If you don’t know how, find someone who can help. Everyone has some of this inside themselves. You are not immune. Hold up the mirror and if you see discrimination of any kind, remove it. As each individual heals, we all heal. We are collective people; we are on the same team; we are humans. Let’s bring peace to our lives and others through forgiveness.

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