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Overeat or mindlessly munch? Eat late at night? Eat when you’re not even hungry? Eat when you’re nervous, sad, or mad? Get “orally fidgety” and need a food pacifier? Live on fast foods due to lack of time? Crave sweets? Eat too much fat and salt? Skip meals or forget to eat? Delay eating until you’re starving? Stress and a hectic lifestyle can affect your eating patterns and food choices. The stress hormone cortisol depletes your blood sugar and makes you hungry. All of which can make you crave “bad” carbohydrates that give you an energy rush followed by a crash… leaving you “hungry” for more “bad” foods (like sweets and fatty/salty food). It’s a vicious cycle fueled by stress. The  results? Stress-related weight gain (especially belly fat). Try these eating suggestions to help break the stress cycle.


  • Eat a Protein-Rich Breakfast Every Morning. Your brain and body run on fuel in the form of protein, fats, and complex sugars called carbohydrates. The brain’s energy comes primarily from sugar, and skipping breakfast causes an “alarm” that releases stress hormones. This in turn releases your body’s stored sugar in the liver and muscles to feed your “starving” brain – and makes you crave sugary foods and feed the stress cycle.


2.Eat Small, Frequent Meals. Keep your brain happy by eating 3 meals and 2 snacks daily. Eating every 3-4 hours also helps maintain blood sugar levels. Blood sugar drops when you’re hungry, which can signal unhealthy cravings or cause you to overeat. Plus, smaller portions mean fewer excess calories at meals that can potentially be stored as fat.

3.Don’t Feed Emotions with Junk Food. Ask yourself if you’re really hungry when you’re reaching for food. Eating to feed emotional hunger rather than your physical needs can wreak havoc on an otherwise healthy diet. Emotional eaters may eat when bored (for entertainment), when upset or stressed (instead of facing difficult emotions), or when generally dissatisfied with life (to fill a void). All these extra calories add up, especially with unhealthy food choices.

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